Green Tips For Your Home

Recycling and reuse
At Roussillon Park we encourage as much recycling of our waste products as possible. Our full recycling system can be seen here on the Refuse & Recycling Page, but there are further things that you can do to minimise landfill waste.

If you have unwanted furniture or household items, why not place a listing on the RP Forum, or use a local Freecycle scheme rather than just throwing them away.

It may seem to always be raining, but the local water reserves are always looking for better and more widespread ways to save the water that we do have.

The Energy Saving Trust have some good tips on the best ways to help reduce water usage.

These include:

  • Make sure your washing machine and dishwasher carry a full load before a cycle
  • Only boil the amount of water that you actually need, rather than a kettle full
  • Get a water butt for your garden and use it to water your plants and wash your car.

Lighting accounts for a large proportion of a household's energy bill, but taking a few simple steps within your home, will help save both energy and money.

  • Turn lights off when you are not using them
  • Use energy saving lightbulbs throughout your home
  • Have security lights outside set to a sensor setting, rather than on at all times

Getting Around


At Roussillon Park, we encourage the use of bicycles and walking wherever possible. Cars are less efficient when making a large amount of shorter journeys, so it may be more cost efficient to walk or cycle for short distances.

We have added a good list of Walking Routes here and Cycling Routes here.

If you do need to drive, why not consider a car sharing scheme or just borrowing a car from a neighbouring car club.

Public transport around Roussillon Park is frequent and reliable, with a good network of local buses and direct routes into the town centre from right outside your door.

Chichester is also well connected with two busy train stations. Why not take the Train instead of driving?

Gadgets Galore

A third of your household’s energy bills come from electrical appliances, with entertainment and kitchen items being the most power-hungry. Some simple tips for keeping your energy usage and your bills down:

  • Make sure your appliances carry the best energy rating possible. They should all carry an Energy Performance Certificate sticker which shows the grading
  • Dispose of your old appliances responsibly. Read more at the Recycle Now electrical tips website.
  • If you have a home printer, recycle your ink cartridges – some supermarkets will give you rewards in exchange

If you are buying a new TV, the bigger the screen, the more energy it will consume, so maybe bigger is not always better!

Local Food and Food Miles

There is so much great local food in Chichester and you don’t have to go very far to get it.

Regular farmers' markets are held locally and details of dates and locations can be found here on the Chichester Districts Farmers' Market webpage. There are also some great seasonal recipes and the history of Chichester's local produce too. Also see our local markets page for more information.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Living a more sustainable life is much more than just about the energy that we consume. Reducing your carbon footprint is about the holistic lifestyle choices and changes that we make, both individually and as a community.

The new homes at Roussillon Park are built with 'green living' at the heart of the design.

You can download our sustainability booklet below to find out more about the sustainable efforts in your community.

Extensive further reading can be found at the Energy Savings Trust website.

Files Available

Roussillon Park Sustainability Booklet (430.43 KB)

Green Tips

Green Living includes much more than energy efficiency. It is about our lifestyle - making choices that help to reduce our carbon footprint.

Living in a more sustainable way is a long term development objective for the new community at Roussillon Park.

Within this section you can find useful tips for improving your carbon footprint and maybe saving some money too.

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