Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT)

Have a look at the Chichester Community Development Trust's website where you can see the full range of facilities, activities and resources, some of which are situated at nearby Graylingwell Park, which are also open to all Roussillon Park residents.

A key feature of Roussillon Park is its aspiration to create a genuinely low carbon community, which is reflected partly through the low carbon homes, but also by encouraging residents to adopt a more carbon neutral lifestyle. The Trust will support and implement various initiatives around energy efficiency, green travel, waste reduction and recycling, and local food production and in particular the development of a low carbon lifestyle culture. These initiatives and events will be posted on this website, as well as the CCDT website. Also see the CCDT Facebook Page for more news, events and updates.

Each dwelling makes a small contribution as part of their annual estate management charge for this service, which has been set up initially on a five year agreement, but expected to be ongoing. ZeroC has also provided additional start-up funds for the first five years, allowing the initial residents contributions to be saved by the Manco in a reserve fund to be controlled and used by residents for community purposes after the original start up fund finishes.


Roussillon Park, along with the nearby Graylingwell Park development, has joined the Chichester Community Development Trust, a charitable company formed in January 2011 to help deliver community objectives. The Trust will deliver a range of facilities and projects with social, economic and environmental benefits to the people of North East Chichester, including all residents at Roussillon Park. The Trust has employed a part-time Community Development officer who will get to know new residents at Roussillon Park and work with anyone interested to put on welcome events and activities. To contact your CCDT officer, please email

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