Community Objectives

Part of the remit of the Roussillon Park management company (Manco) is that it promotes a range of community objectives to help create a thriving and sustainable community for the benefit of all. To help deliver this, Roussillon Park has joined the Chichester Community Development Trust, a charitable company formed in January 2011 for the benefit of all who live in North East Chichester.

Improving your community

Community objectives were agreed between the developer ZeroC, the Homes and Communities Agency, and Chichester District Council. The Roussillon Park Manco will help;

  • Create a thriving sustainable community
  • Own, maintain, and manage the endowed community land and buildings
  • Initiate, coordinate and deliver community development activities
  • Encourage a carbon neutral lifestyle
  • Develop sustainability initiatives including energy reduction, recycling
  • Promote and support training education and economic development
  • Encourage social integration and activities between the various tenures
  • Establish activities and development programmes for young people
  • Develop lifelong learning initiatives with local colleges by the use of local facilities
  • Encourage back to work assistance with childcare initiatives and IT training
  • Generate community policing such as Neighbourhood Watch
  • Integrate and implement a green travel plan
  • Encourage the use of local open space

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