Roussillon Park Management

The Roussillon Park Management Company (Manco) has the following management roles;

  • To enforce covenants
  • To manage open space & facilities
  • To manage all landscaping
  • To manage energy centres and utility billing
  • To work to community objectives

The Estate Management Plan can be downloaded below:

Files Available

Roussillon Park Estate Management Plan (624.81 KB)


The estimated annual charge for each individual dwelling is detailed within the Estate Management Plan (EMP) in a table showing the cost breakdown. This includes an amount for community facilities as delivered by the Chichester Community Development Trust. The Boundary walls are also covered within the service charge figure, with a full maintenance plan .The annual sum is collected by Standing Order on a quarterly basis by Oracle Group, the managing agent.

A reserve fund has been set up and is budgeted within the service charge for the estate. The reserve fund includes repairs to all unadopted roads at Roussillon Park.  Also included is a provision to cover the cost of replacement play ground equipment. A provision for insurance excess over the course of a year will also be collected.  Trees and preservation orders are also included.

The above sum will be reviewed on an annual basis and may be subject to change.  Should elements of the reserve fund require works prematurely, or if items are required outside the service charge budget then additional funds may be required before works can commence.

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