Development Overview

Roussillon Park has been designed to maximise pedestrian access to all the open space areas within the development. There is also excellent access to public transport. The development has many pedestrian and cycles entrances, ensuring swift access for all residents to connect to the neighbouring bus stops on Broyle and Summersdale Roads. Graylingwell Park is also nearby for any community facilities provided through the CCDT. Download maps for more details.

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Roussillon Park Siteplan - First Phase

There are a number of green open spaces designed within the development. These are for the use of residents and the local community.

The Queen Juliana Green
The main green is shared with the MOD, but offers a valuable resource for all residents and locals.

The South Green
The small public green space to the south of the site will provide a local area for play and relaxation. Informal and natural play elements.

The East Green
Situated in the South East corner of the site the green space adjacent to Summersdale Road will offer a small formal park for local residents.

The Garden Square
This area will be a semi-private communal amenity space for the residents of the surrounding buildings.

Informal Play Spaces
Throughout the site, small informal play spaces that are accessible to the public offer informal areas of relaxation.

Chichester Map

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