Car Club, Car Hire & Share

Car clubs and hire schemes are good ways to make use of a car without owning your own and contributing to the number of cars on the road. It can also be more cost effective, convenient and without the hassle of owning and maintaining your own vehicle.

In this section you will find information about Chichester's Community Car Club scheme as well as information on car hire, van rental and car share opportunities.

You can also view forum posts from Roussillon Park residents who are looking to car share.

In the future, Roussillon Park will itself join the car club, with a further provision of two cars based on the development.

Car Hire, Parking & Garages

Chichester Car Club

Car Club Image

A Chichester wide car club was launched in November 2012, run by a local community/Chichester District Council team in partnership with Co-wheels Car Club, a national car club operator. Two vehicles are located in Chichester, with one in a dedicated bay in East Street and one in West Street. Roussillon residents are able to join this car club.

For more details go to the car club website.

Car Club Costs

  • One-off joining fee - £25
  • Hourly charge - £4.50
  • Mileage fee - 21p per mile
  • Full day hire - £35
  • Overnight hire – 8pm to 8am - £13
  • Minimum monthly charge - £5 (deducted from booking charges)

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

The club is available available to anyone aged 18 and over who has held a driving licence for 12 months. If under 21 then no convictions, disqualifications or accident claims, for over 21 generally similar criteria also apply.

Potential benefits

Use a car club vehicle rather than buying a second car. Use the car club vehicle for a short journey not on the bus route. Do a shop at the supermarket (up to 2 hours is cheaper than 2 taxis)

Add up insurance, MOT, road tax, servicing, depreciation and you have a large annual bill before you do any mileage.

Booking a car

You can book a car on-line or by phone with as little as 1 minute's notice.

Lift Share

Liftshare is a social enterprise so you don't pay a penny to join. Liftshare is the largest car-share network in the UK, and our clients include the BBC, Tesco, Heathrow Airport and the Environment Agency. By entering 'Chichester' on their website, you can see the lifts on offer, or the lifts requested. If you register you are able to post journeys that you are offering or one that you are seeking to share. These can be one-off journeys or regular commutes.


West Sussex Car Share

West Sussex Car Share forms part of the national liftshare network, connecting schemes and individuals from around the UK under one united scheme.
Whether you drive, don't drive, make regular trips or the occasional journey this scheme will be able to help.
From Arundel to Billinghurst, from Lands End to John o' Groats, jump in, join in and have a look.