Green Travel Plan

The primary purpose of the Roussillon Park Travel Plan is to reduce the amount of traffic generated by the development, relative to the level of traffic that would have been generated on the site without an implemented Travel Plan. Some of this reduction will be achieved initially through the design of the development itself and through provision of various measures or travel options. The remaining reductions will be achieved as occupation of the site increases and certain further measures become viable.

Green Travel

The highly permeable design of Roussillon Park provides footway routes and connections for pedestrians and cyclists into the surrounding neighbourhood and into Chichester. Thought has gone into how the development as a whole can reduce car use and thus reduce carbon emissions. This will be measured using surveys as the development grows over time. Improvements will be made through education, information, behaviour change and by the initiatives listed below, thus reducing the need for multiple car ownership in one dwelling. The Green Travel Plan will be updated and expanded for implementation by the Travel Plan Co-ordinator as Roussillon Park grows, with day to day issues promoted by the Community Development Officer of the CCDT. The key components of the Travel Plan are:

  • Marketing material for residents to promote awareness of the plan
  • Resident's Travel Pack – current information regarding travel choices
  • Provision of a three month Megarider bus pass to each dwelling
  • Provision of real time travel data on the Community website
  • Potential cycle docking points if demand requires
  • Joining a car club and provision of 2 cars (electric or conventional)
  • Public electric car charging point if electric cars are supplied
  • Promoting car sharing
  • Trip rate reduction targets and surveys
  • Information community notice board
  • Liaison with Chichester Community Development Trust/Graylingwell site
  • Liaison with Chichester District Council and West Sussex County Council travel officers
  • Community Website sections
  • Steering Group comprising stakeholders will be established to meet at regular intervals

Residents' Travel Plan

A document outlining the sustainable transport measures and initiatives associated with the residential development at Roussillon Park.

Files Available

Residents' Travel Plan - August 2012 (7.85 MB)

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